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Northwest Academy balances behavioral therapy, academic excellence, physical fitness and life skill development in equipping troubled teens to manage life’s ever-changing and challenging situations.

Northwest Academy exists to help “troubled teens” become successful adults. We begin with older adolescents ages 16 – 18 who are at-risk of not completing high school, who will benefit from counseling, family reunification, experiential learning, accelerated college-preparatory academics and post-secondary guidance.

All peers at Northwest Academy share the common goal of high school graduation, continuation to post-secondary college, or career training, and transforming their self-destructive behaviors into living responsible, independent and successful lives.

We’re proud of our Students’ success.  Ninety-eight percent of Northwest Academy Graduates continue on to a four year college or university of their choice.

Our program is built on a solid foundation of five core values, which everyone; students, faculty, and staff, live by: Safety, Community, Responsibility, Honesty, and Respect.

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Ten key components Northwest Academy offers parents and students.

1. Specializing in Older Adolescents 16-18 (This is a “young adult” campus community, committed to high school graduation and post-secondary planning)

2. Academic Credit Recovery (Students have the opportunity to raise their GPA for college acceptance)

3. Post Secondary Planning (ACT/SAT testing, finding financial aid, application, campus visits, college acceptance)

4. Therapeutic Services (Working with students to identify issues, providing tools and the opportunity to practice skills, individual and group therapy, valuable peer feedback)

5. Family Reunification (Weekly family therapy, workshops, parent-child trips, parent involvement and contact)

6. Substance Abuse Counseling (Students come to understand the causes of substance abuse, gain relapse prevention tools, understand how to identify their triggers and learn the physiological effects of substance abuse)

7. Whole Body Wellness (Students benefit from eating whole foods, regular exercise and the correlation between exercise and managing anxiety, stress, mood, etc., supports athletes in maintaining their fitness to excel in their sport.)

8. Transition Services (College visits, transition curriculum including: life skills, college readiness curriculum, internships)

9. Enrichment Opportunities (Service learning, adventure education, community building trips, team time, weekend activities, skiing.)

10.  Location (Ideal environment for focusing thought and achieving superb physical condition. Four seasons, mountains, alpine lakes, clear streams, ski runs and sweeping vistas.)

Northwest Academy At-A-Glance:

School Type Therapeutic Boarding School
Founded 1994
Students Co-ed ages 16 – 18
Grades Served 10-12
Length-of-Stay 12 months
Average Class Size 8 students
Accreditation Northwest Accreditation Commission
Religious Affiliation None
Location Naples, Idaho

Our Mission

Northwest Academy creates opportunities for struggling teens to pursue maturity and success. We believe that:

  • Everyone can learn, grow and change;
  • Learning best occurs in a nurturing and safe environment;
  • Every student is a valued individual;
  • Unique learning styles are accommodated and respected;
  • Active engagement leads to learning efficiency;
  • Healthy relationships encourage trust and commitment;
  • The integrity of the teacher is as important as the content of the lesson.


“Thanks to Northwest Academy our son is a new man. A confident, poised, mature, educated, moral, disciplined and articulate young man.”